A Movable Horizon

Faith for today’s journey, hope in my heart, grace sufficient for my soul, these are the groundings of my morning meditation. Nicodemus was given an important insight into grounding. “No one has ascended except the one who has descended.” It is by descent, by the downward movement of the soul, by its seeking out anchorage and grounding, that it can cast a vision upwards. That the soul is grounded, earthing itself in its primal substance, is the hope of its arising. Grounding is the meeting of sky and planet, heaven and earth, the place of meeting called a horizon, the place of the enjoinment of the divine and the human. The horizon, that toward which we look and from which comes all time and all hope, is the sacred center. And here is what is certain, that wherever the the human stands, there is the horizon. It is in the human being that the horizon exists. The sacred center is fixed only in the sense that the human being is fixed, mobile only in the sense that that human being transcends here and now. This transcendence that is characteristic of the human being endows the horizon with holiness, because the horizon, the human, in transcending what offers itself to be transcended, grasps the reality of the divine human embrace, and celebrates the first light that rises above the distant horizon to break open this new day.

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