Beatitude and Eucharist

In a world of miracles, beatitudes are the distinctive landmarks on the geography of the soul. Blessed living is grateful living. Gratitude is the essence of eucharist and Eucharist is an invitation into the world of grace. In the presence of the divine, the order of existence is overturned. In the Beginning humanity is told, ” Do not eat of the Tree”, and the Tree was the dwelling of the divine. The words meant, do not take the divine into the human. In an upturned order of existence, living with the spreading presence of the divine, the human being is now told, “Take and eat, this is my body.” Prohibition, living in the dimension of the Negative, is itself negated. Invitation, living in the dimension of the Positive, is now posited as Eucharist. The Body is the dwelling place of the divine, the incarnate presence, enduring into hopefulness. Beatitude becomes Eucharist when the divine embraces the human and elicits praise as the enthronement of the divine in the human. Blessedness and praise, gratitude and grace, eucharist and praise, these are the signs of the spreading presence of the divine. Where the human is present, the divine dawns in an unfolding of grace, laid down before the arrival of the human in search of forgiveness. “Take and eat,” be nurtured, be blessed.

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