The Apocalypse of John makes clear that it takes some frighteningly strange creatures to bring us the comfort of hope. What is revealed for our hope in the midst of suffering is that nothing can defeat the human spirit that takes its stand on the divine and embraces suffering as the content of reconciliation. This sounds as strange as those creatures. However, it is necessary to know and to acknowledge that the completion of the act of reconciliation is not without suffering. Reconciliation is absolution unfolding its true nature, coming to itself, and seeing for the very first time that the Absolute must draw us to an original and pure unity which is the essential content of the Beginning. In that drawing back is also the forward movement of new life. For this reason, forgiveness is not a simple thing. The act of forgiveness is itself a violent act, tearing us away from what we have been, what we have become, rupturing the self and the soul in order to let it find its true and eternal home. Reconciliation is returning us to our original nature, our source, dust, earth, ground, and once we have become one again, united with the Source, we are no longer ourselves. Who am I when I am not myself? The nature of suffering is this: wanting to return to my Source, and knowing that when I have done so, I will have lost who I am. The Beginning, the violent rendering of the One into the Many is transformed in the End, with an equally violent rendering of the Many into the One. Before this happens, I will confront myself, see myself clearly through the eyes of angels, eagles and horsemen. They have come to show me the way, the journey unfolding in the spirit.

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