An Eternal Ground

I awoke to the sound of rain this morning, a drenching downpour that blessed the land as it passed. There is such a difference between rain that is heard and rain that is felt. I did not feel its passing, yet its passing left me saddened and awake. The ground, too, seemed to have awakened, and eagerly drank its morning draught, baptized anew, refreshed and cleansed. It is a good morning to be reminded, “take off your shoes, the ground on which you stand is holy.” Not even shoes must stand between what is human and what is holy. Is not the human also ground? Is not the human also holy as ground? Has not the human been formed and shaped from dust, earth, ground? What binds the earth that is ground, and the human that is ground,is the holiness of the divine. The divine needs ground to ground its holiness and it needs a redeemed ground, what is essentially human, to tabernacle and abide. The divine abides only in its otherness, only as what is incarnate, what is human. What is holy survives in what is human. The holy abides on its own ground, on its own creation. “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22. The holy abides. It shall not cease.
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