The Amen is The Origin

The letter to the angel of the church in Laodicea amounts to a christolgical consolidation that will propel the living one through the rest of the Apocalypse. He identifies himself as “The Amen,” which in Isaiah is the name of the divine. He is also the Origin of God’s creation, and because he is such, he is the faithful and true witness. The Amen and Origin, that is the Alpha, demands complete obedience, and does not get it. He addresses a church that so depends upon their own joy, wealth, insight, and materiality that they have come to believe that they are their own source and origin. They have separated the creation from the creator. They have distanced themselves from the Alpha, the Amen, and are not in sight of the Omega. The Amen called them to repentance, because of his love. He offers that love as the place of unity, where they may experience the Amen in total relationship with what it has created. He who in the last letter can open and close, now stands outside and knocks, waiting to be invited. The Amen as true and faithful, remains true and faithful to the faithless who has rejected him and has left him on the outside of their lives. Yet he remains true to what he is: he who is the Alpha, now on the outside, offers himself as the Omega, the rejoicing of the end of the ages, the banquet of redemption, the messianic banquet, hidden under the Eucharist. He offers them renewed unity, a return to Origins, to the Alpha, so that they may enjoy the Omega. Just as in last letter the church shares his throne, now he offers this church the same thing. Those who repent will share the throne of the Holy One, who already has sat there with his Father. This is the picture of the new Jerusalem: seated on a throne, the Father, the Son, and the Church. This is what the Spirit says to the Churches.

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