The Holy One, The True One

What the Spirit is saying to the churches has reached a new level, and the angel of the church in Philadelphia is the very first to hear it. The living one calls himself “the holy one, the true one,” the one holding the key of David. Immediately something completely new is said, and it can only be said by the one who has a new name and abides in a new Jerusalem. The living one now takes on the identity of the divine almighty of the Old Covenant, holy and true, able to call, assemble, and define those who belong to the New Covenant, the new Jerusalem, the Church. Holiness and Truth are now the defining characteristics of the Church, as compared to the synagogue of Satan, the assembly that lies. The Church is also characterized as having little power, but enough to remain faithful, so faithful that they have already received their crown. They have not denied the Name, as the last church did, and for having kept the Name, they will be spared trials. The members of the new community of faith, the Church, will be pillars in the new temple, those who hold up what has been delivered and received and lived out. They will have the Name of God forever, and this is the new Name of the living one. The Apocalypse shifts focus here. In the Old Covenant, the heathens will stream in and bow before the chosen. In the Apocalypse a new vision is given, the formerly chosen will come in and bow at the feet of the church. The significance is that one only bows at the feet of him who sits upon the throne! That is, the Church now shares the throne with the living one, who is at the same time the True One and the Holy One. With the exaltation of Jesus, the Church is also exalted. The community of faith is not only the transfigured, it is also the transcendent community, everlastingly inviting into its midst those who will celebrate with the True and Holy One.

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