Counter Soul

The deaf hear, the dumb speak. The blind see. These ancient words bear images that continue to give hope. As once the spoke of a new thing coming to pass, a change in the air and in the heart, they now speak of a longing for a new thing. In each phrase the words stand in contrast with one another, an unimaginable opposition for those days. Perhaps it is the proper task of miracles to oppose, to stand in contrast, an image to challenge the imagination. The deaf can hear what the hearing ones can’t. The dumb can speak what the speaking ones can’t. The blind can see what the seeing ones can’t. Hearing, speaking, seeing are all actions arising from the deepest source of soul. Miracles return us to that deepest source and give us the hope of a new beginning. When the soul lives in contrast it loses its sameness, its identity, its oneness and integrity. It is diseased. It is to this disease that the miracle speaks. It is in the healing of the soul that the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the blind see. “Go in peace, your faith has made you whole.”

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