This Unyielding Grace!

There is so much time ahead of me that I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of the generosity of divine. I remain grateful for each new day, for a moment that opens up before me, and in opening up, discloses the blessings that await. Each moment holds hope hostage, refusing to let it go without blessing the hour and the day. Each hour lingers just a bit too long as if it wants to stay and enjoy its own lingering. The day reflects upon itself, and is saddened, wanting to be eternal, and decides to be true to itself for now. In the passing of time I come to myself, lamenting that time has left me in its wake and awakened me who sees so many of my selves and so many fractured pieces of my self that I feel invaded by an unyielding grace that refuses to let me be lost in a past. I come to know this as absolution, and begin to understand that only the Absolute can absolve, and that at the urging of the Absolute, grace remembers itself, and stands! What an unyielding grace!

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