Time Bearing Hope

I have been meditating on the book of Revelation. The title comes from the first three words: Apocalypse of Jesus Christ. The introduction is an amazing piece of literature of hope. The kairos is near, that is the theme. Transcendent time is dawning, and with its dawning, comes hope for deliverance from suffering. Kairos is the ground of hope, and kairos, divine time, is grounded in the one who was, and is and is to come. The divine with whom kairos is integrated, transcends the momentary suffering, descends into that suffering as the human one, and presents itself to a suffering church as the one who has “freed us by his blood,” who has made us into a “kingdom,” made us “priests,” and to whom we give glory “forever and ever.” The divine, the transcendent, incarnate one, calls forth the church (kingdom), and summons the priests to a new awareness that will uncover the one who is already there, but who nevertheless, paradoxically, is coming soon, that is, who is coming out of his hiddenness into the openness of suffering, so that “every eye will see him.” Kairos unveils what chronos has covered over. And the church has to be reminded repeatedly, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is and was and is to come.” The Alpha, what was in the beginning, kairos before chronos, has not left us. The beginning has accompanied us on this journey of faith and suffering, faith through suffering, the human narrative that itself seeks redemption from time. The Omega that is about to dawn has always already been present. It is none other than the Alpha in its Otherness that has remained hidden until now. The end is the beginning in its total otherness, and is not to be feared. This is the true and proper ground of hope. The divine transcendent one, the Origin and Source, remains Origin and Source, and only as such can it call us forth to undertake the journey home. The divine arrives, to become who we are, and in so doing, to accompany us home. Home, here, now, tomorrow, is where the divine is. Now has salvation come!

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