Passionate Redemption

The Passion, originally and still, calls for reflection and understanding. That the Christ would suffer and die seems to interrupt the flow of the narrative. He indicates to his disciples, who still misunderstand, that the unexpected will prevail. The first shall be last, the least shall be the greatest. Already, the Beatitudes, and the Sermon on the Mount, point in this direction. When the Christ comes, the order of existence is upturned. That to which I have been accustomed becomes strange and different. That which I accepted as settled becomes questionable. The Passion, as a celebration of the rebirth of all that is, is preceded by the passing away of all that is. As a matter of fact and of faith, the content of the Passion is the transformation of creation, which passes through death and awakens in a new day, a new beginning, under the original Light of Creation, the Light before all lights, that now sheds it glory upon what has been made new. The Passion of the Christ is at the same time the Passion of the People of the Christ. In one act of deliverance, the redeemer and the redeemed participate upon the same stage which becomes the new center, the navel of the universe, that from which the earth begins to receive in new and different ways the nurture of grace. Nature embracing grace, grace transforming nature, the act of the Passion replaying itself recurrently with the seasons of the life of the church, continuing to speak its word that this life, this existence has been turned upside down. Earth has prepared itself to receive heaven. The human has been made ready to receive the divine. The profane readies itself to accept the sacred. The Passion, which began as announcement, now begins as encouragement. The least who have become the greatest, do not forget the ground from which you were uprooted. Do not forget who you are, the bearer of what is holy and divine.
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